ThreeJS — The easiest local development environment setup with Vite

npm init vite
√ Project name: … threejs-vite
√ Select a framework: » vanilla
√ Select a variant: » vanilla
cd ThreeJS-Vite
npm install
touch vite.config.js
mkdir public
export default {
assetsInclude: ["**/*.glb", "**/*.gltf", "**/*.wasm"],
publicDir: ["public"]
echo "export default { assetsInclude: ['**/*.glb', '**/*.gltf', '**/*.wasm'], publicDir: ['public'] }" > vite.config.js
npm run dev



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Robe Santoro

Robe Santoro


Motion Designer with over ten years of experience in 3d Animation, Projection-Mapping, AR-VR-XR, electronics, and the makers’ world. Wannabe Creative Coder…